Meeting Trixie Mattel

I met Trixie. The newly crowned all-star, whether you believe in its fairness; I don’t feel lame at all in saying that it was the best moment of my life.

It was 10th of November in Nottingham in Spanky Van Dykes. Before I met her after the show, so I was over-sensitised and crazy with pure excitement.

I love drag, and it was the first show I had ever attended so the experience of heightened. You should have seen how ecstatic I became just by being touched on the arm by local queen Nana Arthole. She was trying to move past, but I don’t think I will ever forget that.

So, meeting Trixie was more than being face-to-face with favourite drag race girl. It felt like for the first time in my life I was drenched in a culture that I admired in its entirety.

And what made this experience better? She was nice! I had prepared myself for her to be snarky, commenting on my whiteness, my female gender and my apparent straightness, so I had responses to all remarks. Which would go terribly, she is a comedy master, and I am barely above ‘knock-knock’ jokes. So, I had even prepared to lose. But I was wrong.
She was sweet.

She was attentive.

And she was wonderful.

And that confused me. That bitch! So, maybe I was right, I did lose.

My attire was rainbow trousers with a pink dress. A combination that you would see only on a crazy person or someone doesn’t want their thighs to rub against each other. Or if you’re me, both. In a bizarre turn of fate, Trixie took one look at me and said ‘fashion’. And me being overly anxious and my brain capacity is below 1% while hearing overwhelming loud music and being blinded by lights thought she had said ‘Tamzin’.

Being the genius and quick thinker that I am, I did the only thing possible in that situation. I took a massive step back. Reverse away from your heroes, what a brilliant idea! I am guessing I was thinking ‘Lets runway from your idol. That will impress her.’


Perfect logic!


She then told me said fashion and mentioned and motioned to my trousers. I forgot that the trousers even existed, though they are my favourite fashion item. But, now Trixie thinks they are fashion so eat a hummus sandwich and bask in my extraordinary fashion trousers.

It was a requirement to sit down. So, I did. Okay, you may think I am exaggerating here, but I am not. When I finally got the courage to look at Trixie. I have never seen such beauty in my life. She was ethereal. Again, I was taken aback.

I expected to see the flaws in the design- a wonky eyelash, a wonky cheek, a little bit of sweat to keep a bit of Katya with her-anything. But, there were none other than seeing her real lips on her fake lips. Did I care? Only someone who was moronic would.
I after sitting down, proceeded to ramble on about how my friend was worried that her dress would scare Trixie- covered in owls. And she responded in a very delicate and soft-spoken way, “oh, no I love birds.’

(It wasn’t around a week later before I realised, that the album I had on repeat for months w called ‘Two Birds’

Honestly, I am glad that I didn’t call her a walking headache or demand that she maintains the survival of Katya.

Seeing my nerves, I think to calm me down she showed me a girl dancing downstairs from the balcony we were on. I appreciate that she saw me as the anxious bean I was and wanted me to have something interesting in the encounter not just me repeatedly making a fool out of myself.

The flash went off I guess. The picture is a moment. I have no recollection of, not even the flash. Other than she got close to me and I felt her padded breast against my arm and went into overdrive crazy. How I don’t look like a mental patient in that photo is beyond me.

The encounter was nearly over, my magical moment was up, and I probably squandered it. I don’t care it was still amazing, but I felt compelled to tell Miss Mattel to ‘please have a great life’.

And she smiled at me and said: “Oh, I will.”

And then ramble me came over again and had to explain that I am not sarcastic. So, in response, Trixie blew me a kiss. A kiss. I got an air kiss from Trixie Mattel. I don’t know what that means, but it makes me happy. I understand what it means to be star struck now.

I left. I barely remember how I got home, but at least I remember how she looked when Trixie blew me a kiss. I am lame, I know.

At the end of this, I wanted to mention how important this was. Not just to me but other fans of Drag Race. This meet and greet was just after the videos of Valentina and Alaska and Sharon’s meet greets came out and showed how rude they were to them and the little to no time they got with the queens. I understand that there are many different reasons why they could have acted like this due to management, bad days or it going over. But, Trixie didn’t do this, I wish I had taken a video of how Trixie interacted with each fan. It was beyond of what I expected from her, and she made the experience worthwhile as you got time with her.
I so appreciated it, and I think everyone else that night did as well.


For the few people who read this blog, I probably should explain where I have been. I realised that I hated writing reviews, you know what happened and probably care very little of what I think of it. It got to the point where I didn’t even bother about my own opinion. I am going to have a set timetable, but I am going to continue writing for this, but I am going to stop doing what I think I have to do.


It also comes from being very disillusioned and angry over Rupaul’s comments on Trans queens, and I lost belief for a while. But, with all of the uproar over this situation. It made me I don’t love Drag because of RuPaul or the show. I love it because it is an artform that I respond in its entirety. I am hopefully going to write a post about the trans situation, and it is not a topic that I am scared to write. It comes to time and how I am feeling and also I kind of missed the ride of shock.


But, it is something that people should continue to talk about and to be vocal and stand up against as it is essential to the community.

Response to DeLa’s video on Death Threats

Today, BenDeLaCreme posted a video talking about a recent death threat towards one of the All-Stars 3 queens. Watch  BenDeLaCreme’s Video , and I would recommend doing so to get the context. DeLa said that the threat was explicit, and even if it wasn’t it is not okay.


I don’t get it, and I am glad that I don’t. I disprove of a lot of queen’s actions. Do I want them to die? No, I would be devastated as this community has lost someone special and important. I wouldn’t even want them to stop drag because any hateful thing someone said.


I don’t care the justification for a death threat whether it be age, ignorance or a decision made in anger at the moment. It shouldn’t be happening; no one should receive hate for an art form that they love. You can criticise or even dislike their personality, but to hate, it is not what the show or the community is.


I get in any fanbase there will be the ones that take it too seriously. And I hate saying ‘seriously’ as I take the show way too seriously and it has been to my own detriment. I shout at the screen, and even that isn’t anywhere near violent. But, to this extent, do they understand the implications of what they wish on someone? That they wish for family and friends to suffer through grief? What if it was their favourite that got the threat? Would they think it’s just freedom of speech? Or would they be upset that their Drag lord and saviour has been threatened? If you think about doing anything like this, use empathy, think how you would feel at the other end or how you would feel if it was your friend.


Words hurt. There is none of that sticks and stones rubbish, even those who have the strongest of barriers. Words can demean and destroy even if it is poorly written and grammatically incorrect. Use them wisely and don’t waste them as something as horrid as a death threat.


Drag, Drag Race and the LGBT+ community should be celebrated. There is enough hate outside of it. Why do we need any inside of it?


If you see any hate comments on facebook or twitter, as DeLa said in her video, please speak up or report it. It has no place here.


Thank you for reading,




All-Stars 3 Review Episode 3: Go Showboat Yourself (spoilers)

I didn’t know it, but this challenge was what I was waiting for, ‘The Bitchelor’ was a blessing in disguise. Finally, there was the campiness I long for. I am satisfied finally, but in the workroom, I am finding myself not caring.

First off, the drama, it was tiresome and annoying. I didn’t care if Milk was right or if it was Kennedy. Shangela’s input reminded me why I never really connected with her. She is too much of a reality tv star. Ridiculous, I know, but, when I see her in drama, it isn’t real or entertaining. It was sub-par, and the episode wouldn’t have had any damage if it was cut out. I know it led to the inevitable Milk elimination, but even so, I didn’t care. I am not a big fan of drama, but if I have to sit through it, they better make it to Aja standards. You could say that bitch ruined me for any other drama. It wasn’t even drama, and it was like watching Big Brother live, it was a snore fest.

Now, I can talk about what matters which is their contribution to the challenge. I am going to over what they did individually, and there were some tremendous hot messes and some hot messes I wish drowned in the hot tub.

Bebe as the role of the shy virgin was tactical in what she showcased. She wasn’t comfortable with this challenge so she went to her comfort zone and it didn’t excel, but it was safe. And even though her partner DeLa was much funnier, she still was able to make an impression and show the role she decided to play. It is not rememberable, and no one will rave about it, but it was no way bottom three worthy. It was a smart decision.

DeLa pulled every campy trick in her arsenal, well all she could in the space of a minute. It was hilarious, the visual of her cougar persona, the jokes she cracked marked her as the real campy queen of drag race. She dived in, and it was disgusting. Bananas are now ruined for me forever, every joke was smart and calculated, and the mommy play was a nice addition that I would only expect from DeLa.

Trixie Mattel, what a bitch. And fake at that! If you are looking for intelligent and less obvious humour, no look further than Trixie’s contribution. She had it planned, and the one-liners could all be memes for years to come. It would have been top 2, hell, it probably deserved to be top 2 even with the interruption. But, the fans were deprived of more memes by the arrival of my most significant pet hates of Drag Race, showboating. We deserved more of Trixie, the character she had created, I could have watched hours of, but some doesn’t know how to let their competition shine. It peeved me that I didn’t get all the fake bitchiness that I desired. Trixie showed what she could do with more creative control, and I ate it up. I hope it is all up from here.

Okay, Milk. The showboater, if you’re going to showboat, you better be the funniest thing since Katya being scared of her fan, if not I will rant a lot about it. One, you went too much way too quickly. I didn’t understand the way she went at all; it was not even a parody of a parody of a stalker. It just didn’t make any sense and was lazy. It reminded me of everything wrong of the season four Snatch Game muddled together, and she had the gall to showboat. I might be harsh here, but if you’re going to go 2000% how was it not even funny?

Aja, oh Aja. She is doing so well, and she has me rooting wholeheartedly for her. But, what was that? I can’t even begin to understand, I think she confused me so much that I don’t even know what a needy girl means anymore, it didn’t make sense, and I didn’t want to as it wasn’t rememberable. But, she did remind me of Farrah Moan so well done?

Kennedy went for it and killed it. She embodied the party girl, and it was hilarious. Again, shows what Kennedy can do with more creative control can do. I have to say that it wasn’t as comedically polished and controlled as Trixie and DeLa, and at the end, she did go too far for my tastes. But, mad respect for Kennedy’s raw comic abilities.

Chi-Chi, where she is? Chi-Chi is fantastic queen, and she can do improvisation so why she chose the most annoying unfunny character from a sitcom that never was is beyond me. Chi-Chi has the talent do whatever she wanted when it comes to drag, but I don’t know why as an all-star she is letting her season eight doubts cloud her. Like Pearl, she needs to wake up.

Also, people were complimenting Shangela, but we all know she is WAY funnier than what she offered. There were some brilliant one-liners, but I expect more from Shangela. Overall, it was a bit meh. She didn’t even have Milk as an excuse, she was funny don’t get me wrong, but she is as amusing as DeLa. But, where was that?

Wigs on wigs on wigs, what a runway presentation to choose. My standouts were Bebe that was a beautiful representation of two different well-known fashion from Asian culture. But, Aja wow. That was the moment. There has never been an anime outfit referenced before. It was stunning. I did wish that it wasn’t for this runway as it should have let the fashion speak for itself without the wig gimmick. I don’t think there was anything awful this time, but there were many under-whelming looks other than Aja and Bebe.

The Ben vs Ken lip sync was alright. A bad song choice, with Lorde’s Green Light, it had some good visual moments with DeLa’s work with her hair, but even with being underwhelmed with the wig reveal and the costume change, Kennedy showed more emotion. So, I agree with the winner, but I won’t be rewatching it anytime soon.

Milk, bye. It was the right choice; I hope she does well outside of all-stars. I just think this wasn’t for her. I think I will still look out for her looks but not much else.

Next episode; Snatch Game. My favourite. If I am not completely satisfied, I will probably moan a lot.

Thank you for reading.


All-Stars 3 Episode 2 Review: ‘Milk, just shh’ (spoilers)

I should have dreaded this episode more than I did. With what happened with Katya’s verse in all stars 2, I didn’t reckon they’d do it again. But, they did, but it was kind of worse. The divide between good and substandard verses for the different divas was monumental. If I had heard the track before the show, I would have said Julie Andrews, and Mariah Carey would have won that challenge. I am not saying I wasn’t impressed by the both of them; I was yaaasing when they both came on. But, come on if you thought it was fair we were watching a different show. So, again I left the episode not satisfied.

This episode bookmarks why I long for the challenges where they have creative control. I get they had it in the variety show, but I wasn’t impressed again. Dela is sailing through like she accused Bianca of doing. And like Bianca, she deserves to be.  I adore her more with each challenge. Even with being skeptical about her choice about sending Morgan home. Who cares? She is killing it at the moment.


Dela did do better than Shangela in my opinion. Shangela was hilarious, but again it seemed that that bit would have been funny even with Katya’s lip sync skills in Glamourzonian airways. It would have been funnier due it was based on the fail of the 2016 new year’s party. But, she is a terrific comedian and worked it well.

And so did Aja’s. I couldn’t stand Aja’s Amy Winehouse when I first watched it, but that is because the voice they used was terrible. But, watching the performance again, I got the essence of Amy Winehouse. For a few seconds, I thought she had returned to help Aja. For all the talk of becoming the diva not being the drag version, move out of the way Milk and Thorgy: Aja did both. Deserved the third space on the top rather than Bebe. She is a front-runner, and I am glad I can root for a queen that I wasn’t before. She is very much the Alyssa of the this for me.

I love Trixie. That’s no secret. She embodied Dolly, but again she didn’t get Ru to laugh. She needs to start releasing laughing gas every time she comes on the stage. Even to me, she didn’t stand out, but she is one of the ones who will blossom when they have more control. I do not doubt that, or I am going to have to knock out her out with her guitar. The non-Trixie fans will see how amazing she is. And her shows will be more packed than they already are. I am glad she is remaining safe, but I hope she will shine like the all-star she is soon.

Chi-Chi shouldn’t have been in the bottom three. I feel like Ru separated them so that we didn’t have to sit there and work out where Chi Chi’s Pattie La Belle was. They loved it, and so did I. So how Milk was standing there crying about being safe when she should have been in Thorgy’s place in the bottom two. I don’t know what they are up to with the placing at the moment, but I don’t like it. Her runway look wasn’t even awful, it just wasn’t great, but that wasn’t even worthy of her putting her in the bottom.

Thorgy was good. She was full of energy, and I saw Stevie Nicks within her performance. Put her on the bottom because she didn’t drag it up enough, whatever. But, don’t tell me she deserved to go home or be in the bottom two at all. To be honest, I did think she got Diva version of Diana. The difference was that we all knew it was unfair to even when Katya didn’t mention it. There may be less sympathy for Thorgy as there is always sympathy for a silent martyr, not someone who cries unfair.

I didn’t enjoy Kennedys part. I know she can do so much better. Like the variety show. I need more from her to be sold. I hope she is another one who will thrive on more creative freedom. And if she doesn’t, I don’t see her staying much longer.

Milk should go home. Simple as that. The more arrogant she gets, the worst her performance does. Her performance was like her dress no one knows where it came from and as boring as a piece of black fabric around her waist. What a beginning, you wouldn’t believe Dela, and her performance could even be on the same performance. I know I sound harsh, but also at the second episode, you can tell she is not at the same level as everyone else but somehow as a more significant ego than all of them put together.

Bebe like Trixie didn’t stand out amongst the poorly and expertly executed. It was there and an acceptable ending to the performance. Did I see what the judges saw? Nope. But, that would mean I would have to try and unlike some of the others like Aja I didn’t think it was worth the effort to be analysed. Bebe was overpraised, it was an average performance but nothing special. All I saw was Bebe.

The standouts on the runway had to be Trixie and Aja. Trixie’s dress was so ugly that it was stunning. I am probably biased as hell. But it was still gorgeous in its hideousness.  Aja- how can you beat that improvement? A stunning princess, there was no hint of a disaster. Milk should also get a shout-out, as it was a massive transformation. Also, Kennedy finally worked out how glue sparkly stuff on her face but should have left that cockamamie story in the dirt.

Now we onto Milk’s weird sob story. She did have a moment of redemption as she helped Dela with her routine, but then Milk ruined that when she demanded why Dela didn’t mention it. Don’t help if you wanted to be praised. But, I don’t know how someone can be so delusional. Trixie thought she lost her bloody mind. And I would have to agree. You’re safe, be happy you still have the chance to show that your talent isn’t velcro.


Okay, I thought Dela’s copying of Shangela was hilarious in the lip sync, and if that were the game plan from the beginning I would be praising it to the high heavens. But, as a tweet from Dela states, she started to do it as she knew she was losing. I have to admit Shangela won the lip sync, the moment she brought out that skipping rope. I loved it and compared to that, Dela looked a bit messy. But, now I need a copycat lip sync done well.

Again, I am unsure of Thorgy’s elimination. She is one that I wanted to see more of again. And she shouldn’t have been in the bottom two. I get that people get frustrated with her self-doubt, but it wasn’t a game plan. She felt that, and it made her paranoid. She is a fiercely talented queen, and it upsets me again like Morgan she didn’t get a proper chance to show it off.

Thank you for reading,



All Stars 3 Episode 1 Review: ‘Oh, Morgan’ (Spoilers)

All-Stars 3 Episode 1 Review: ‘Oh, Morgan’ (spoilers)

All in all, it was a usual drag race episode. It was enjoyable and entertaining, serving some of the best queens. But, I was unsatisfied.

Of course, they all looked gorgeous, entering the workroom. With the apparent exception of Kennedy. If you’re going to cover your face, it better not look like a craft project exploded on it. It seemed like she let a child go wild with paillettes. It was a massive disappointment as the dress was gorgeous. But the styling left a lot to be desired.

The most beautiful look belonged to our surprise (not really) contestant; Bebe Zahara Benet. Her face was stunning. Who needs that season one filter? Her dress was beautiful. She indeed entered the drag queen superstar that she was. It was both intimidating and breath-taking.

The episode proceeded into awkwardness with Thorgy Thor’s attempt at reading. Still got a bit of that Bob bitter fever? I felt it too, but it’s all-stars, and Chi-Chi is right there is no Bob here. It got better after that, a lot better. Unfortunately, there was some cookie cutter reads from Bebe with her being unable to read Morgan as ‘life already had’.

A pet hate of mine occurred when Morgan copied her friend Raven from season two. I hate to tell you Black and Decker is still business has been unaffected by any queen’s teeth. Even recycled teeth reads have been over-done since season two. I am over it. Also, all I ask from my queens is to be original during the reading challenge if you can’t do that, fumble through it like Thorgy.

Luckily, some great ones will have me cackling like Jinkx for years. Bebe’s 40 cent crack to Kennedy was gold. Dela’s Pennywise jab at Thorgy was brilliant. Those were two standout reads for me. But, I will rewatch it again and again as there were so many hilarious ones. It was a shady joy to watch.

And this where it went downhill for me. Morgan’s honourable mistake of telling the known truth, I admire her for it. Nevertheless, I will not stop cursing her idiocy. If you’re unsure of her act, do not do the one thing that will paint a target on your back. She made the right decision telling everyone that she would send home the strongest queen, but it was not the smart decision.

I was so disappointed with the variety show. There were too many lip syncs. For example, Shangela may have been at the top. But she would have won with her stand-up. Her reveal was weak and pointless. However, she’s just better at making me laugh than wowing me with her lip sync and dance skills.

Kennedy’s dance was fantastic, but I felt no emotional connection not even one of awe, unfortunately. I wish the song had lyrics, so I thought that the routine had some story, or she created a story with her movements. I don’t think it is too much to ask a fierce dancer to do this.

Milk should have been in the bottom, and I honestly think why she wasn’t because there was some intrigue, at least it was different. Though, I thought she was channelling Sasha without the substance. I was hooked and then wanted it to be over.

How they put Thorgy in the bottom three was a significant lapse in judgement, she mixed drag with classical music. At, least it was something different. And I loved it. So, what she lacked confidence? It captivated me, and it was a welcome change.

I thoroughly enjoyed Trixie; I thought it was beautiful, and I felt like I fell in love with her all over again. But, that it didn’t stop me worrying about her position, she didn’t make Ru laugh, and that can place you firmly on the chopping block. But, it was calming through the sea of fierceness. That doesn’t matter though as she knows how to sell her music. She would have reached the charts after releasing ‘Moving Parts’ even if she went home.

Bebe even through lip sync and dance, it was a performance that showed off her culture and always with dignity, and I admire her for it. I thought it was thoroughly entertaining. She is one to watch even if the mole rumour is true or not. I am so glad that Bebe got the chance to show her talent once again.

Morgan was nervous, but I don’t have a lot to say about it. It was okay and not as bad as Milk. Confidence was the primary issue, something I was concerned over when it came to Morgan.

Aja was terrific, but I think it was the amount of improvement that got people excited. She was the best lip sync-er by far on the night of the variety show. She stepped her pussy up. And it had me gagging. That is an example of when lip syncing is genuinely your talent.


Dela was the most impressive, but it saddens me that this was the Tatianna moment from this Variety show, and nowhere comes near to that. It was hilarious. I am glad I had the chance to laugh, and thankfully done well. Honestly, the deserving winner. But, if this was the iconic moment, I want a re-do.

And then there was Chi-Chi, I would try to explain what she was doing, but I would it be a waste of my time. I am just disappointed as I know what she can do and she let herself down. And she got this second chance, so she better change those dancing flats for heels and do up her hair because I might have to come down on her hard.

I would go more into detail of their performances, but overall, I was pretty meh over it all. It was nothing compared to AS2, and I have got a taste of what they think are the strengths, and I am ready to see what else is there. Because I believe in the talent of all of them, but I need more.


Then we come to the first all star’s elimination. I was so angry at Chi-Chi I was throwing my blanket at her, I was watching it holding a Minnie mouse blanket, and I was genuinely throwing it at the screen. We know how talented she is. So, why did she do it? Why was she acting as she had already given up? Chi-Chi should have gone home, and I can’t believe I am saying that as early as episode one.

But Dela after showing off her comedy chops in Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’ against Aja, won. It was a slow start, but my god did it end with a bang. Dela was the clear winner, by a clear margin even with Aja being a strong contender. But, she chose to send home Morgan when it should have been Chi-Chi.

I don’t know where I stand with this yet. I know I am disappointed with Morgan’s early exit, and I am disappointed with Dela in her decision. Am I ready to see Dela in a different light as a person yet? Hell no. It wasn’t stupid reason like Alaska and the top. But, I am disappointed in the both of them is that the show is not about winning. Well, it is. But, both mainly Dela should have realised that winning is not as crucial as squashing another queen’s potential career. Morgan is a season two queen, and there hasn’t been enough spotlight for her talents yet. And wherever she comes, she should have had a chance to make her place as a Ru girl. It just frustrates me that both of them had just a winning mindset when winning should be showing off their craft to those who want to see it.

That is all I can say about this episode. I love the book of Handmaid’s Tale, so that made me happy, queens are coming back made evident by more weird videos from Ru. Something we can expect from All-Stars. It was a good episode, but give me more.

Thank you for reading,

All-Stars cast

It’s here again. Quite soon, in fact, its return sparks off new excitement and speculation of the upcoming season. All-Stars always promises drama, talent and a showcase of the best of the best. But, I am here to analyse if it is in reality. This cast has some favourites, some questionable choices in the eyes of some of the audience and some that live and feed off drama.
Before I get into my thoughts of this cast; I have to say that it makes me happy that there is much more variety of where they placed in the show in their season. All of them were part of top five in season two except from Alyssa Edwards who was top six. But, I am glad that we’re going to see more queens that can show off how much they have improved. And others that were front-runners for the crown in their season.
I am going to give my honest views on this and any negative criticisms I say about the choices. I hope those bitches prove me wrong. I also won’t address the rumours that I know and have come across so there will be no spoilers except where they placed in their season.


When the first time I watched season six, I only really saw Bianca. But, even then Dela shined through, and the second time I watched the season, I regretted not paying enough attention. Dela placed fifth in her season and won Miss Congeniality. She also had her war between her and Darienne Lake, but it seemed as if Darrienne had invented this conflict on her own. Dela calls herself ‘terminally delightful’, and I agree. She embodies what I love about the Seattle queens; fantastic comediennes and even better actresses. I hope that we do get to see the Ben behind  Dela as I think he’d be as enjoyable as her. I also find his battle with depression and how his characters allow him to be more extroverted and follow his art very inspiring and the very essence of drag. I expect a lot from her in All-Stars, and maybe some well-roundness. But, also more personable so that Michelle Visage will give her a break.

Trixie Mattel

The one. The only. We would have had on AS1 if we could. If you didn’t expect this addition to the cast, then I don’t know where you’ve been. There was outrage when she wasn’t part of all stars 2. They would’ve been riots if she wasn’t on this season. She was sent home the fourth episode of season 7 and then returned to leave sixth. I will never think she got a fair shot in the show when it came to her season, we never were allowed to experience Trixie, and I am glad that I was given the opportunity to after the show ended. She is funny, intelligent and knows how to work obsessive fans. She has done so much with the platform, and after all-stars, she might be unstoppable. At the moment, she is the clear favourite to win, and while I’d love that outcome, I think she has fierce competition, and we might see her stumble throughout the process. I hope that she doesn’t feel the pressure of being one of the most anticipated and desired queens to be on the show. I think she is going to prove a lot of doubters wrong this season and be one of the most improved queens.


While I don’t see a winner, I see a great addition to the cast. One that will give it diversity, and intrigue of what she will do next. Another favourite of mine in season six, but we didn’t see a lot of her as she came ninth. I am hoping the level of diversity that has been on the show since Milk will allow her to be able to express herself as creatively as she wants to be. Watching her show on WOWpresents, she has plenty inventive ideas for her runway presentation. However, I hope there is a reason to why she does make different choices other than ‘I wanted to wear a beard’.  Nevertheless, I hope that creativity reflects the challenges as if she wants to be a real contender. She is another one not adequately praised for her work on some tasks, but hopefully, with fewer queens, she will be seen more. I always love a touch of wackiness and masculinity with my drag queens as when someone comes out to do something different, it speaks to me. So, I hope. Milk stays longer than I think she will.

Thorgy Thor

Another one that I don’t think got a fair shot on her season, Thorgy should have been a significant threat to the other queens. She is funny, too intelligent for her own good, a performer and a good team player. Even her looks criticised spoke out to me, they were wacky. And wore trousers, how bizarre is that! I am joking; of course, women wear trousers, people. So, so can drag queens. It is a bit like saying that queens wear high heels because men wore them first. I have a feeling she will get stuck in her head again and will get somewhat jealous of any queen overly praised. But, if she doesn’t do this, watch this space. She really does have an opportunity to rise to the occasion, and I hope she does, Because, she is a fierce and talented queen that brings uniqueness with her ability to play the violin. She knows how to do well in challenges, even the one she went home in season 8 wasn’t her fault. She did come sixth but certainly didn’t show enough, even if she doesn’t win, I hope that she gets recognition from fans.

Kennedy Davenport

Reaching top 4 in season 7, she was one that many asked ‘why she was still there?’ But, she is one hell of a performer, I would die to see one of her shows, but wouldn’t want to meet her. And I think that is a problem when it comes to reality shows, I want to appreciate her art, but there is a lot of focus on personality. That doesn’t mean I think she’s awful, and I think some queens come off better on camera. I don’t think she’ll get very far, but I hope again like Thorgy she will get recognition from  fans. Her appearance on season 7 was rocky for me as she moved more with her body, not with her words. And I wanted both.  Saying this, I love her drag style which may be a confusing opinion for others, but it is so pageant that you cannot help but appreciate it. It is the over-exaggeration that I live for from a drag queen. Something I wish she had done in her season which was appreciating other styles of drag than not understanding it. I am glad she has this chance, but she is not in my predicted top 5’s or as a favourite of mine.


Well, one thing you can say for season 9 queen Aja that owns two of the most iconic moments of her season. Linda Evangelista and Fan favourite may be remembered far after we remember Aja and Valentina’s names. She lives for the drama, mama and surprisingly she made me love it too. I don’t think Aja had a very impressive stint on the show other than that, with coming ninth, Other than two very entertaining lip syncs, but she wasn’t remembered on challenges that she hadn’t failed in. Another frustrating aspect of her time on the show, was her insecurity turning into jealousy, I am glad she overcome that and saw that she is gorgeous. If Aja takes the fire from self-doubt and envy, Aja would be another one that will be hard to beat as I see a lot of potential in her. Though I will never dispute that Aja is evidently an all-star, I wish this opportunity came later, so she has more time to solidify herself as an entertainer. But, I am prepared and willing to be shocked on this one.

Chi-Chi DeVayne

She is one of the queens I am most excited about returning, it was a delight on season 8 to see her amount of progress, and I hope it will be one again. She came 4th in and was a stand out as a self-proclaimed ‘cheap queen’ and even brought us the horror of  The Queens of Dragology’. I have a lot of praise for Chi-Chi, a lively personality and the ultimate lip sync assassin. Her ‘ And I’m telling you I’m not going’ deserved the crown alone. Chi-Chi understands expressing emotion, and how to deliver it to the audience, I don’t think that is something that can be necessarily something taught. I think she is one to watch out for, and once again that will be dismissed. I don’t think she will necessarily win, but she is going to knock out plenty of contenders on the way. And I can’t wait to see it.


I worry that I might be too harsh when writing this, I think something may be disconnected when it comes to Shangela and me. In this, her third season; her third shot and I hope that I can get the spark that everyone else gets for her. I think her stand up routine was one of the funniest moments in season three and in drag race in general. And she’s talented, will I ever think she is the right person to take the crown? Probably not. I find season 3 uncomfortable to watch due to the amount of help she got from other queens that it might be nice to see her stand on her own two feet.

Morgan McMichaels

We’re going all the way back to season 2 here. Are we going to see the new Tatianna? I am guessing, no. Tatianna hadn’t gotten her persona fully realised in season two, but Morgan had. I can’t tell you how excited I am to see her again though. I didn’t connect with her until after the show, but even though she is one of those drama lovers, she is something that I love; a professional drag queen. And has an excellent understanding of drag pre-drag race which is something that I adore from queens. She also had one of the most underrated lip syncs in ‘Two of Hearts’. It was a controlled performance, and you couldn’t take your eyes off her. I hope she shakes things up, and I am expecting great things from Miss McMichaels. If she doesn’t exceed my expectations, I may just have to write a letter her mother, Chad Michaels in disappointment. Though I don’t believe she is a winner, baby, and it would be fun to have a mother-daughter duo as all-stars winners. Though, that is very unlikely.

I am happy with this cast overall, and I don’t think there is a weakling in the midst. Come on all stars 3, it is sure to be amazing, and potentially life destroying.

Thanks for reading. I would love to hear your thoughts,


The start…

Hi, my name is Tamzin. And the next sentence that will undeniably follow that is ‘I love drag’. No matter who I am being introduced to. Drag queens that is, I know nothing about cars. But, I am particularly fond of a drag race.
So, this is my blog about it.
I am a product of my generation, a need to share through the medium of the web one; we hold so dearly. But I am not doing this to do shower my opinions onto any unsuspecting reader that happens to pop by. I am doing this so I can learn about drag, so I have a focus to expand something that I hold so dearly to my heart.
Of course, there is going to be plenty of posts on RuPaul’s Drag Race and the over 100 talented performers. I might even stoop so low as ‘top ten blah be blah on Rupaul’s Drag Race’ when I have run out of ideas. But, I also want to focus on local queens in my area (hopefully), the history of drag and the pioneers that we should know but don’t.
But, this blog is a work in progress. It may take me awhile for me to get this blog where I want to get it. I need to work for it, so I hope you stick around through the rough ashy knees of the posts.
I am guessing not many people read this, and I am one small voice against seven billion screamers. But, I think it’s crucial for me to have in writing during the height of my love of drag. Even if it’s just for me and it’ll keep me writing -another one of my passions.
A couple of things that you should know about me. I take drag too seriously, but I understand that it’s just someone in a wig giving a show of their lives. But, it made my life so much better that it’s hard not to wrap it up in bubble wrap. I love Katya, any and all posts about Katya will be biased. I’ll probably write a post about why that is in the future. But, I think the current situation other than my initial feelings then I will leave it until she comes back.
I am female, and I am asexual, and I think drag is and should be for everyone that feels like an outsider and or anyone that connects with it. All you need to do is respect drag and its artists.
Drag is starting to sound like a religion. It’s not. However, my sociology teacher was worried that I would start a cult. Maybe, this is the start of that. A drag cult, me as the leader and the only member.
Now, I am going to try to explain why I love drag so much without going over the 10000-word mark. Drag to me is over-exaggeration, it’s pointing a light at something we already know and ignore. It can be beautiful, ugly, insightful, meaningless, hilarious and everything else in between. It’s the most open of art forms; its rule is to break the rules. And these performers struggle to do what they love, and they still do. I don’t think there are stronger or more creative people out there. Because, I genuinely feel they embody creativity; makeup artists, costume designers, choreographers, comedians, spoken, beauty queens and spoken word artists, (see me with them hands), there is more. And it’s one big mixing pot, and no two drag artists are the same. Each one new and exciting with completely different talents. And all a part of a community that I am a part of and love so much. What I love the most and what I most connect with, they tend to be the weird kid, the creative one that never fit in anywhere until they found drag and expressed themselves through the most diverse medium of creativity. And, I guess that’s what I am trying to do with this blog.
I think that’s it for today. I will try to post my opinions on the All-Star 3 cast tomorrow.