The start…

Hi, my name is Tamzin. And the next sentence that will undeniably follow that is ‘I love drag’. No matter who I am being introduced to. Drag queens that is, I know nothing about cars. But, I am particularly fond of a drag race.
So, this is my blog about it.
I am a product of my generation, a need to share through the medium of the web one; we hold so dearly. But I am not doing this to do shower my opinions onto any unsuspecting reader that happens to pop by. I am doing this so I can learn about drag, so I have a focus to expand something that I hold so dearly to my heart.
Of course, there is going to be plenty of posts on RuPaul’s Drag Race and the over 100 talented performers. I might even stoop so low as ‘top ten blah be blah on Rupaul’s Drag Race’ when I have run out of ideas. But, I also want to focus on local queens in my area (hopefully), the history of drag and the pioneers that we should know but don’t.
But, this blog is a work in progress. It may take me awhile for me to get this blog where I want to get it. I need to work for it, so I hope you stick around through the rough ashy knees of the posts.
I am guessing not many people read this, and I am one small voice against seven billion screamers. But, I think it’s crucial for me to have in writing during the height of my love of drag. Even if it’s just for me and it’ll keep me writing -another one of my passions.
A couple of things that you should know about me. I take drag too seriously, but I understand that it’s just someone in a wig giving a show of their lives. But, it made my life so much better that it’s hard not to wrap it up in bubble wrap. I love Katya, any and all posts about Katya will be biased. I’ll probably write a post about why that is in the future. But, I think the current situation other than my initial feelings then I will leave it until she comes back.
I am female, and I am asexual, and I think drag is and should be for everyone that feels like an outsider and or anyone that connects with it. All you need to do is respect drag and its artists.
Drag is starting to sound like a religion. It’s not. However, my sociology teacher was worried that I would start a cult. Maybe, this is the start of that. A drag cult, me as the leader and the only member.
Now, I am going to try to explain why I love drag so much without going over the 10000-word mark. Drag to me is over-exaggeration, it’s pointing a light at something we already know and ignore. It can be beautiful, ugly, insightful, meaningless, hilarious and everything else in between. It’s the most open of art forms; its rule is to break the rules. And these performers struggle to do what they love, and they still do. I don’t think there are stronger or more creative people out there. Because, I genuinely feel they embody creativity; makeup artists, costume designers, choreographers, comedians, spoken, beauty queens and spoken word artists, (see me with them hands), there is more. And it’s one big mixing pot, and no two drag artists are the same. Each one new and exciting with completely different talents. And all a part of a community that I am a part of and love so much. What I love the most and what I most connect with, they tend to be the weird kid, the creative one that never fit in anywhere until they found drag and expressed themselves through the most diverse medium of creativity. And, I guess that’s what I am trying to do with this blog.
I think that’s it for today. I will try to post my opinions on the All-Star 3 cast tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “The start…

  1. Looking forward to your exploration of drag! I’m a huge fan of drag as a really potent form of social commentary. I think it’s so fascinating for me because it’s a very honest and revealing mirror being held up to society in general, and I like thinking about what the reflections of feminity presented through the medium of drag say about the current state of affairs both for women, and for the world at large.

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    1. Thank you so much! You have demonstrated most of the things that make me admire drag so much. Drag is fascinating; it’s a necessary art form. It gives me so much joy, and it gives you the opportunity to think and understand without it being forced to do so. I love it so much; I aim to meet your expectations when as I continue develop this blog further. Thank you so much for this comment, it genuinely made my day.

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