All-Stars cast

It’s here again. Quite soon, in fact, its return sparks off new excitement and speculation of the upcoming season. All-Stars always promises drama, talent and a showcase of the best of the best. But, I am here to analyse if it is in reality. This cast has some favourites, some questionable choices in the eyes of some of the audience and some that live and feed off drama.
Before I get into my thoughts of this cast; I have to say that it makes me happy that there is much more variety of where they placed in the show in their season. All of them were part of top five in season two except from Alyssa Edwards who was top six. But, I am glad that we’re going to see more queens that can show off how much they have improved. And others that were front-runners for the crown in their season.
I am going to give my honest views on this and any negative criticisms I say about the choices. I hope those bitches prove me wrong. I also won’t address the rumours that I know and have come across so there will be no spoilers except where they placed in their season.


When the first time I watched season six, I only really saw Bianca. But, even then Dela shined through, and the second time I watched the season, I regretted not paying enough attention. Dela placed fifth in her season and won Miss Congeniality. She also had her war between her and Darienne Lake, but it seemed as if Darrienne had invented this conflict on her own. Dela calls herself ‘terminally delightful’, and I agree. She embodies what I love about the Seattle queens; fantastic comediennes and even better actresses. I hope that we do get to see the Ben behind  Dela as I think he’d be as enjoyable as her. I also find his battle with depression and how his characters allow him to be more extroverted and follow his art very inspiring and the very essence of drag. I expect a lot from her in All-Stars, and maybe some well-roundness. But, also more personable so that Michelle Visage will give her a break.

Trixie Mattel

The one. The only. We would have had on AS1 if we could. If you didn’t expect this addition to the cast, then I don’t know where you’ve been. There was outrage when she wasn’t part of all stars 2. They would’ve been riots if she wasn’t on this season. She was sent home the fourth episode of season 7 and then returned to leave sixth. I will never think she got a fair shot in the show when it came to her season, we never were allowed to experience Trixie, and I am glad that I was given the opportunity to after the show ended. She is funny, intelligent and knows how to work obsessive fans. She has done so much with the platform, and after all-stars, she might be unstoppable. At the moment, she is the clear favourite to win, and while I’d love that outcome, I think she has fierce competition, and we might see her stumble throughout the process. I hope that she doesn’t feel the pressure of being one of the most anticipated and desired queens to be on the show. I think she is going to prove a lot of doubters wrong this season and be one of the most improved queens.


While I don’t see a winner, I see a great addition to the cast. One that will give it diversity, and intrigue of what she will do next. Another favourite of mine in season six, but we didn’t see a lot of her as she came ninth. I am hoping the level of diversity that has been on the show since Milk will allow her to be able to express herself as creatively as she wants to be. Watching her show on WOWpresents, she has plenty inventive ideas for her runway presentation. However, I hope there is a reason to why she does make different choices other than ‘I wanted to wear a beard’.  Nevertheless, I hope that creativity reflects the challenges as if she wants to be a real contender. She is another one not adequately praised for her work on some tasks, but hopefully, with fewer queens, she will be seen more. I always love a touch of wackiness and masculinity with my drag queens as when someone comes out to do something different, it speaks to me. So, I hope. Milk stays longer than I think she will.

Thorgy Thor

Another one that I don’t think got a fair shot on her season, Thorgy should have been a significant threat to the other queens. She is funny, too intelligent for her own good, a performer and a good team player. Even her looks criticised spoke out to me, they were wacky. And wore trousers, how bizarre is that! I am joking; of course, women wear trousers, people. So, so can drag queens. It is a bit like saying that queens wear high heels because men wore them first. I have a feeling she will get stuck in her head again and will get somewhat jealous of any queen overly praised. But, if she doesn’t do this, watch this space. She really does have an opportunity to rise to the occasion, and I hope she does, Because, she is a fierce and talented queen that brings uniqueness with her ability to play the violin. She knows how to do well in challenges, even the one she went home in season 8 wasn’t her fault. She did come sixth but certainly didn’t show enough, even if she doesn’t win, I hope that she gets recognition from fans.

Kennedy Davenport

Reaching top 4 in season 7, she was one that many asked ‘why she was still there?’ But, she is one hell of a performer, I would die to see one of her shows, but wouldn’t want to meet her. And I think that is a problem when it comes to reality shows, I want to appreciate her art, but there is a lot of focus on personality. That doesn’t mean I think she’s awful, and I think some queens come off better on camera. I don’t think she’ll get very far, but I hope again like Thorgy she will get recognition from  fans. Her appearance on season 7 was rocky for me as she moved more with her body, not with her words. And I wanted both.  Saying this, I love her drag style which may be a confusing opinion for others, but it is so pageant that you cannot help but appreciate it. It is the over-exaggeration that I live for from a drag queen. Something I wish she had done in her season which was appreciating other styles of drag than not understanding it. I am glad she has this chance, but she is not in my predicted top 5’s or as a favourite of mine.


Well, one thing you can say for season 9 queen Aja that owns two of the most iconic moments of her season. Linda Evangelista and Fan favourite may be remembered far after we remember Aja and Valentina’s names. She lives for the drama, mama and surprisingly she made me love it too. I don’t think Aja had a very impressive stint on the show other than that, with coming ninth, Other than two very entertaining lip syncs, but she wasn’t remembered on challenges that she hadn’t failed in. Another frustrating aspect of her time on the show, was her insecurity turning into jealousy, I am glad she overcome that and saw that she is gorgeous. If Aja takes the fire from self-doubt and envy, Aja would be another one that will be hard to beat as I see a lot of potential in her. Though I will never dispute that Aja is evidently an all-star, I wish this opportunity came later, so she has more time to solidify herself as an entertainer. But, I am prepared and willing to be shocked on this one.

Chi-Chi DeVayne

She is one of the queens I am most excited about returning, it was a delight on season 8 to see her amount of progress, and I hope it will be one again. She came 4th in and was a stand out as a self-proclaimed ‘cheap queen’ and even brought us the horror of  The Queens of Dragology’. I have a lot of praise for Chi-Chi, a lively personality and the ultimate lip sync assassin. Her ‘ And I’m telling you I’m not going’ deserved the crown alone. Chi-Chi understands expressing emotion, and how to deliver it to the audience, I don’t think that is something that can be necessarily something taught. I think she is one to watch out for, and once again that will be dismissed. I don’t think she will necessarily win, but she is going to knock out plenty of contenders on the way. And I can’t wait to see it.


I worry that I might be too harsh when writing this, I think something may be disconnected when it comes to Shangela and me. In this, her third season; her third shot and I hope that I can get the spark that everyone else gets for her. I think her stand up routine was one of the funniest moments in season three and in drag race in general. And she’s talented, will I ever think she is the right person to take the crown? Probably not. I find season 3 uncomfortable to watch due to the amount of help she got from other queens that it might be nice to see her stand on her own two feet.

Morgan McMichaels

We’re going all the way back to season 2 here. Are we going to see the new Tatianna? I am guessing, no. Tatianna hadn’t gotten her persona fully realised in season two, but Morgan had. I can’t tell you how excited I am to see her again though. I didn’t connect with her until after the show, but even though she is one of those drama lovers, she is something that I love; a professional drag queen. And has an excellent understanding of drag pre-drag race which is something that I adore from queens. She also had one of the most underrated lip syncs in ‘Two of Hearts’. It was a controlled performance, and you couldn’t take your eyes off her. I hope she shakes things up, and I am expecting great things from Miss McMichaels. If she doesn’t exceed my expectations, I may just have to write a letter her mother, Chad Michaels in disappointment. Though I don’t believe she is a winner, baby, and it would be fun to have a mother-daughter duo as all-stars winners. Though, that is very unlikely.

I am happy with this cast overall, and I don’t think there is a weakling in the midst. Come on all stars 3, it is sure to be amazing, and potentially life destroying.

Thanks for reading. I would love to hear your thoughts,


2 thoughts on “All-Stars cast

  1. Brendan

    Dear Tam3in!
    I still can’t read so haven’t read whatever you’ve put. But just wanted to comment to say hi as we’ve lost touch over the years and I miss you!
    Hope you reply and we can get in touch again soon 🙂
    From your mysterious lover! (You better know who this is or I’ll be highly offended and think our years of friendship was wasted). Xx

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    1. Hi!
      How could I not? You’ve put your name as your user! But I can recognise your illiterate self anywhere. I miss you too, and if you hadn’t commented, I don’t think I would have realised how much.
      My new email is tamzinawilde, and I use the same email server.
      Thank you so much for commenting xx


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