All Stars 3 Episode 1 Review: ‘Oh, Morgan’ (Spoilers)

All-Stars 3 Episode 1 Review: ‘Oh, Morgan’ (spoilers)

All in all, it was a usual drag race episode. It was enjoyable and entertaining, serving some of the best queens. But, I was unsatisfied.

Of course, they all looked gorgeous, entering the workroom. With the apparent exception of Kennedy. If you’re going to cover your face, it better not look like a craft project exploded on it. It seemed like she let a child go wild with paillettes. It was a massive disappointment as the dress was gorgeous. But the styling left a lot to be desired.

The most beautiful look belonged to our surprise (not really) contestant; Bebe Zahara Benet. Her face was stunning. Who needs that season one filter? Her dress was beautiful. She indeed entered the drag queen superstar that she was. It was both intimidating and breath-taking.

The episode proceeded into awkwardness with Thorgy Thor’s attempt at reading. Still got a bit of that Bob bitter fever? I felt it too, but it’s all-stars, and Chi-Chi is right there is no Bob here. It got better after that, a lot better. Unfortunately, there was some cookie cutter reads from Bebe with her being unable to read Morgan as ‘life already had’.

A pet hate of mine occurred when Morgan copied her friend Raven from season two. I hate to tell you Black and Decker is still business has been unaffected by any queen’s teeth. Even recycled teeth reads have been over-done since season two. I am over it. Also, all I ask from my queens is to be original during the reading challenge if you can’t do that, fumble through it like Thorgy.

Luckily, some great ones will have me cackling like Jinkx for years. Bebe’s 40 cent crack to Kennedy was gold. Dela’s Pennywise jab at Thorgy was brilliant. Those were two standout reads for me. But, I will rewatch it again and again as there were so many hilarious ones. It was a shady joy to watch.

And this where it went downhill for me. Morgan’s honourable mistake of telling the known truth, I admire her for it. Nevertheless, I will not stop cursing her idiocy. If you’re unsure of her act, do not do the one thing that will paint a target on your back. She made the right decision telling everyone that she would send home the strongest queen, but it was not the smart decision.

I was so disappointed with the variety show. There were too many lip syncs. For example, Shangela may have been at the top. But she would have won with her stand-up. Her reveal was weak and pointless. However, she’s just better at making me laugh than wowing me with her lip sync and dance skills.

Kennedy’s dance was fantastic, but I felt no emotional connection not even one of awe, unfortunately. I wish the song had lyrics, so I thought that the routine had some story, or she created a story with her movements. I don’t think it is too much to ask a fierce dancer to do this.

Milk should have been in the bottom, and I honestly think why she wasn’t because there was some intrigue, at least it was different. Though, I thought she was channelling Sasha without the substance. I was hooked and then wanted it to be over.

How they put Thorgy in the bottom three was a significant lapse in judgement, she mixed drag with classical music. At, least it was something different. And I loved it. So, what she lacked confidence? It captivated me, and it was a welcome change.

I thoroughly enjoyed Trixie; I thought it was beautiful, and I felt like I fell in love with her all over again. But, that it didn’t stop me worrying about her position, she didn’t make Ru laugh, and that can place you firmly on the chopping block. But, it was calming through the sea of fierceness. That doesn’t matter though as she knows how to sell her music. She would have reached the charts after releasing ‘Moving Parts’ even if she went home.

Bebe even through lip sync and dance, it was a performance that showed off her culture and always with dignity, and I admire her for it. I thought it was thoroughly entertaining. She is one to watch even if the mole rumour is true or not. I am so glad that Bebe got the chance to show her talent once again.

Morgan was nervous, but I don’t have a lot to say about it. It was okay and not as bad as Milk. Confidence was the primary issue, something I was concerned over when it came to Morgan.

Aja was terrific, but I think it was the amount of improvement that got people excited. She was the best lip sync-er by far on the night of the variety show. She stepped her pussy up. And it had me gagging. That is an example of when lip syncing is genuinely your talent.


Dela was the most impressive, but it saddens me that this was the Tatianna moment from this Variety show, and nowhere comes near to that. It was hilarious. I am glad I had the chance to laugh, and thankfully done well. Honestly, the deserving winner. But, if this was the iconic moment, I want a re-do.

And then there was Chi-Chi, I would try to explain what she was doing, but I would it be a waste of my time. I am just disappointed as I know what she can do and she let herself down. And she got this second chance, so she better change those dancing flats for heels and do up her hair because I might have to come down on her hard.

I would go more into detail of their performances, but overall, I was pretty meh over it all. It was nothing compared to AS2, and I have got a taste of what they think are the strengths, and I am ready to see what else is there. Because I believe in the talent of all of them, but I need more.


Then we come to the first all star’s elimination. I was so angry at Chi-Chi I was throwing my blanket at her, I was watching it holding a Minnie mouse blanket, and I was genuinely throwing it at the screen. We know how talented she is. So, why did she do it? Why was she acting as she had already given up? Chi-Chi should have gone home, and I can’t believe I am saying that as early as episode one.

But Dela after showing off her comedy chops in Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’ against Aja, won. It was a slow start, but my god did it end with a bang. Dela was the clear winner, by a clear margin even with Aja being a strong contender. But, she chose to send home Morgan when it should have been Chi-Chi.

I don’t know where I stand with this yet. I know I am disappointed with Morgan’s early exit, and I am disappointed with Dela in her decision. Am I ready to see Dela in a different light as a person yet? Hell no. It wasn’t stupid reason like Alaska and the top. But, I am disappointed in the both of them is that the show is not about winning. Well, it is. But, both mainly Dela should have realised that winning is not as crucial as squashing another queen’s potential career. Morgan is a season two queen, and there hasn’t been enough spotlight for her talents yet. And wherever she comes, she should have had a chance to make her place as a Ru girl. It just frustrates me that both of them had just a winning mindset when winning should be showing off their craft to those who want to see it.

That is all I can say about this episode. I love the book of Handmaid’s Tale, so that made me happy, queens are coming back made evident by more weird videos from Ru. Something we can expect from All-Stars. It was a good episode, but give me more.

Thank you for reading,

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