All-Stars 3 Episode 2 Review: ‘Milk, just shh’ (spoilers)

I should have dreaded this episode more than I did. With what happened with Katya’s verse in all stars 2, I didn’t reckon they’d do it again. But, they did, but it was kind of worse. The divide between good and substandard verses for the different divas was monumental. If I had heard the track before the show, I would have said Julie Andrews, and Mariah Carey would have won that challenge. I am not saying I wasn’t impressed by the both of them; I was yaaasing when they both came on. But, come on if you thought it was fair we were watching a different show. So, again I left the episode not satisfied.

This episode bookmarks why I long for the challenges where they have creative control. I get they had it in the variety show, but I wasn’t impressed again. Dela is sailing through like she accused Bianca of doing. And like Bianca, she deserves to be.  I adore her more with each challenge. Even with being skeptical about her choice about sending Morgan home. Who cares? She is killing it at the moment.


Dela did do better than Shangela in my opinion. Shangela was hilarious, but again it seemed that that bit would have been funny even with Katya’s lip sync skills in Glamourzonian airways. It would have been funnier due it was based on the fail of the 2016 new year’s party. But, she is a terrific comedian and worked it well.

And so did Aja’s. I couldn’t stand Aja’s Amy Winehouse when I first watched it, but that is because the voice they used was terrible. But, watching the performance again, I got the essence of Amy Winehouse. For a few seconds, I thought she had returned to help Aja. For all the talk of becoming the diva not being the drag version, move out of the way Milk and Thorgy: Aja did both. Deserved the third space on the top rather than Bebe. She is a front-runner, and I am glad I can root for a queen that I wasn’t before. She is very much the Alyssa of the this for me.

I love Trixie. That’s no secret. She embodied Dolly, but again she didn’t get Ru to laugh. She needs to start releasing laughing gas every time she comes on the stage. Even to me, she didn’t stand out, but she is one of the ones who will blossom when they have more control. I do not doubt that, or I am going to have to knock out her out with her guitar. The non-Trixie fans will see how amazing she is. And her shows will be more packed than they already are. I am glad she is remaining safe, but I hope she will shine like the all-star she is soon.

Chi-Chi shouldn’t have been in the bottom three. I feel like Ru separated them so that we didn’t have to sit there and work out where Chi Chi’s Pattie La Belle was. They loved it, and so did I. So how Milk was standing there crying about being safe when she should have been in Thorgy’s place in the bottom two. I don’t know what they are up to with the placing at the moment, but I don’t like it. Her runway look wasn’t even awful, it just wasn’t great, but that wasn’t even worthy of her putting her in the bottom.

Thorgy was good. She was full of energy, and I saw Stevie Nicks within her performance. Put her on the bottom because she didn’t drag it up enough, whatever. But, don’t tell me she deserved to go home or be in the bottom two at all. To be honest, I did think she got Diva version of Diana. The difference was that we all knew it was unfair to even when Katya didn’t mention it. There may be less sympathy for Thorgy as there is always sympathy for a silent martyr, not someone who cries unfair.

I didn’t enjoy Kennedys part. I know she can do so much better. Like the variety show. I need more from her to be sold. I hope she is another one who will thrive on more creative freedom. And if she doesn’t, I don’t see her staying much longer.

Milk should go home. Simple as that. The more arrogant she gets, the worst her performance does. Her performance was like her dress no one knows where it came from and as boring as a piece of black fabric around her waist. What a beginning, you wouldn’t believe Dela, and her performance could even be on the same performance. I know I sound harsh, but also at the second episode, you can tell she is not at the same level as everyone else but somehow as a more significant ego than all of them put together.

Bebe like Trixie didn’t stand out amongst the poorly and expertly executed. It was there and an acceptable ending to the performance. Did I see what the judges saw? Nope. But, that would mean I would have to try and unlike some of the others like Aja I didn’t think it was worth the effort to be analysed. Bebe was overpraised, it was an average performance but nothing special. All I saw was Bebe.

The standouts on the runway had to be Trixie and Aja. Trixie’s dress was so ugly that it was stunning. I am probably biased as hell. But it was still gorgeous in its hideousness.  Aja- how can you beat that improvement? A stunning princess, there was no hint of a disaster. Milk should also get a shout-out, as it was a massive transformation. Also, Kennedy finally worked out how glue sparkly stuff on her face but should have left that cockamamie story in the dirt.

Now we onto Milk’s weird sob story. She did have a moment of redemption as she helped Dela with her routine, but then Milk ruined that when she demanded why Dela didn’t mention it. Don’t help if you wanted to be praised. But, I don’t know how someone can be so delusional. Trixie thought she lost her bloody mind. And I would have to agree. You’re safe, be happy you still have the chance to show that your talent isn’t velcro.


Okay, I thought Dela’s copying of Shangela was hilarious in the lip sync, and if that were the game plan from the beginning I would be praising it to the high heavens. But, as a tweet from Dela states, she started to do it as she knew she was losing. I have to admit Shangela won the lip sync, the moment she brought out that skipping rope. I loved it and compared to that, Dela looked a bit messy. But, now I need a copycat lip sync done well.

Again, I am unsure of Thorgy’s elimination. She is one that I wanted to see more of again. And she shouldn’t have been in the bottom two. I get that people get frustrated with her self-doubt, but it wasn’t a game plan. She felt that, and it made her paranoid. She is a fiercely talented queen, and it upsets me again like Morgan she didn’t get a proper chance to show it off.

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