All-Stars 3 Review Episode 3: Go Showboat Yourself (spoilers)

I didn’t know it, but this challenge was what I was waiting for, ‘The Bitchelor’ was a blessing in disguise. Finally, there was the campiness I long for. I am satisfied finally, but in the workroom, I am finding myself not caring.

First off, the drama, it was tiresome and annoying. I didn’t care if Milk was right or if it was Kennedy. Shangela’s input reminded me why I never really connected with her. She is too much of a reality tv star. Ridiculous, I know, but, when I see her in drama, it isn’t real or entertaining. It was sub-par, and the episode wouldn’t have had any damage if it was cut out. I know it led to the inevitable Milk elimination, but even so, I didn’t care. I am not a big fan of drama, but if I have to sit through it, they better make it to Aja standards. You could say that bitch ruined me for any other drama. It wasn’t even drama, and it was like watching Big Brother live, it was a snore fest.

Now, I can talk about what matters which is their contribution to the challenge. I am going to over what they did individually, and there were some tremendous hot messes and some hot messes I wish drowned in the hot tub.

Bebe as the role of the shy virgin was tactical in what she showcased. She wasn’t comfortable with this challenge so she went to her comfort zone and it didn’t excel, but it was safe. And even though her partner DeLa was much funnier, she still was able to make an impression and show the role she decided to play. It is not rememberable, and no one will rave about it, but it was no way bottom three worthy. It was a smart decision.

DeLa pulled every campy trick in her arsenal, well all she could in the space of a minute. It was hilarious, the visual of her cougar persona, the jokes she cracked marked her as the real campy queen of drag race. She dived in, and it was disgusting. Bananas are now ruined for me forever, every joke was smart and calculated, and the mommy play was a nice addition that I would only expect from DeLa.

Trixie Mattel, what a bitch. And fake at that! If you are looking for intelligent and less obvious humour, no look further than Trixie’s contribution. She had it planned, and the one-liners could all be memes for years to come. It would have been top 2, hell, it probably deserved to be top 2 even with the interruption. But, the fans were deprived of more memes by the arrival of my most significant pet hates of Drag Race, showboating. We deserved more of Trixie, the character she had created, I could have watched hours of, but some doesn’t know how to let their competition shine. It peeved me that I didn’t get all the fake bitchiness that I desired. Trixie showed what she could do with more creative control, and I ate it up. I hope it is all up from here.

Okay, Milk. The showboater, if you’re going to showboat, you better be the funniest thing since Katya being scared of her fan, if not I will rant a lot about it. One, you went too much way too quickly. I didn’t understand the way she went at all; it was not even a parody of a parody of a stalker. It just didn’t make any sense and was lazy. It reminded me of everything wrong of the season four Snatch Game muddled together, and she had the gall to showboat. I might be harsh here, but if you’re going to go 2000% how was it not even funny?

Aja, oh Aja. She is doing so well, and she has me rooting wholeheartedly for her. But, what was that? I can’t even begin to understand, I think she confused me so much that I don’t even know what a needy girl means anymore, it didn’t make sense, and I didn’t want to as it wasn’t rememberable. But, she did remind me of Farrah Moan so well done?

Kennedy went for it and killed it. She embodied the party girl, and it was hilarious. Again, shows what Kennedy can do with more creative control can do. I have to say that it wasn’t as comedically polished and controlled as Trixie and DeLa, and at the end, she did go too far for my tastes. But, mad respect for Kennedy’s raw comic abilities.

Chi-Chi, where she is? Chi-Chi is fantastic queen, and she can do improvisation so why she chose the most annoying unfunny character from a sitcom that never was is beyond me. Chi-Chi has the talent do whatever she wanted when it comes to drag, but I don’t know why as an all-star she is letting her season eight doubts cloud her. Like Pearl, she needs to wake up.

Also, people were complimenting Shangela, but we all know she is WAY funnier than what she offered. There were some brilliant one-liners, but I expect more from Shangela. Overall, it was a bit meh. She didn’t even have Milk as an excuse, she was funny don’t get me wrong, but she is as amusing as DeLa. But, where was that?

Wigs on wigs on wigs, what a runway presentation to choose. My standouts were Bebe that was a beautiful representation of two different well-known fashion from Asian culture. But, Aja wow. That was the moment. There has never been an anime outfit referenced before. It was stunning. I did wish that it wasn’t for this runway as it should have let the fashion speak for itself without the wig gimmick. I don’t think there was anything awful this time, but there were many under-whelming looks other than Aja and Bebe.

The Ben vs Ken lip sync was alright. A bad song choice, with Lorde’s Green Light, it had some good visual moments with DeLa’s work with her hair, but even with being underwhelmed with the wig reveal and the costume change, Kennedy showed more emotion. So, I agree with the winner, but I won’t be rewatching it anytime soon.

Milk, bye. It was the right choice; I hope she does well outside of all-stars. I just think this wasn’t for her. I think I will still look out for her looks but not much else.

Next episode; Snatch Game. My favourite. If I am not completely satisfied, I will probably moan a lot.

Thank you for reading.


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