Response to DeLa’s video on Death Threats

Today, BenDeLaCreme posted a video talking about a recent death threat towards one of the All-Stars 3 queens. Watch  BenDeLaCreme’s Video , and I would recommend doing so to get the context. DeLa said that the threat was explicit, and even if it wasn’t it is not okay.


I don’t get it, and I am glad that I don’t. I disprove of a lot of queen’s actions. Do I want them to die? No, I would be devastated as this community has lost someone special and important. I wouldn’t even want them to stop drag because any hateful thing someone said.


I don’t care the justification for a death threat whether it be age, ignorance or a decision made in anger at the moment. It shouldn’t be happening; no one should receive hate for an art form that they love. You can criticise or even dislike their personality, but to hate, it is not what the show or the community is.


I get in any fanbase there will be the ones that take it too seriously. And I hate saying ‘seriously’ as I take the show way too seriously and it has been to my own detriment. I shout at the screen, and even that isn’t anywhere near violent. But, to this extent, do they understand the implications of what they wish on someone? That they wish for family and friends to suffer through grief? What if it was their favourite that got the threat? Would they think it’s just freedom of speech? Or would they be upset that their Drag lord and saviour has been threatened? If you think about doing anything like this, use empathy, think how you would feel at the other end or how you would feel if it was your friend.


Words hurt. There is none of that sticks and stones rubbish, even those who have the strongest of barriers. Words can demean and destroy even if it is poorly written and grammatically incorrect. Use them wisely and don’t waste them as something as horrid as a death threat.


Drag, Drag Race and the LGBT+ community should be celebrated. There is enough hate outside of it. Why do we need any inside of it?


If you see any hate comments on facebook or twitter, as DeLa said in her video, please speak up or report it. It has no place here.


Thank you for reading,




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